Just ask, and we’ll show you how to build your network design.

It’s only natural – your organization reflects the system you use every day. There will be delays caused by your network’s disorganization, lagging or communication breakdowns. With a new network design and installation, your network is built to match your unique needs.

Rest easy with solutions for common network design issues.

Inter-Quest provides wired and wireless cloud-based networks that raise your organization's IT agility standards. We implement a secure network solution to help you make the most of company resources, while configuring routers, firewalls and wireless access.

Reasons you need network design and installation services.


Lacking Network Protections


Secure Browsing Environment

Reinforce a secure network environment. We come out to install and setup a firewall for your network and provide ongoing monitoring to help you mitigate security threats.


Questionable Privacy Measures


One-of-a-Kind VPN

Design a unique virtual private network (VPN) for your organization. Our team provides the consultation and roadmapping, and you gain secure access outside of your office.


Disorganized System Setups


Structured Cabling and Wiring

Get a structured cabling system and put your wiring woes to rest. Being more precise with routers, cables and switches keeps you from tripping over a tangled mess of wires.


Disconnecting Networks


Diagnostics and Corrections

Your network usually works, then it suddenly disconnects. With the right network diagnostics, our troubleshooting experts find the appropriate solution to fix your problem.

Computer Repair Services

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The Inter-Quest Difference is Simple

Simplifying tech is what we do best. We love taking the time to explain the complexities of information technology to local Wisconsin businesses and organizations.  Contact Inter-Quest to strengthen your IT infrastructure.