Why use a VoIP phone system, and how does voice over IP work?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone works via wifi. Not only does it make holding meetings from anywhere easy, but it comes with features that you don’t typically get with a traditional phone service, such as multiple lines and conferencing capabilities.

Get the complete package with our Jet-Dial VoIP phone system.

Jet-Dial is our all-inclusive package with your total wifi-ready, cloud-based phone system that may just save the budget. When comparing a VoIP phone system vs traditional phone system, the average cost-savings of 40 percent makes the switch a matter of logic.

Reasons to install and use a VoIP phone system in your office.


Skyrocketing Phone Costs


Ridiculously Low Monthly Rate

Save with a cloud-based phone system. Instead of paying in excess for landlines and long distance calls, streamline your phone system and stick to your monthly budget.


Losing on Bulky Landlines


Scaling Your Phone System

Adding and removing lines has never been easier. Don’t lose money on bulky wired connections, instead install a phone with the flexibility to change as your needs grow.


Rigid Communications


Video Conferencing Capabilities

You need more communications options. A dynamic phone system makes it possible to dial in on video calls and set up appointments with contributors in various locations.


Only Making Calls In-Office


Mobile Meetings

Host meetings across great distances and on the move. You can enable the ability to access your VoIP phone system on your mobile phone, tablet or other device from anywhere.

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