Find the best cloud application hosting services for your business.

Why are so many organizations moving applications to the cloud? It saves resources, increases your productivity and allows you to collaborate at any time and from anywhere. You can offer your team the chance to work from home and optimize resources with secure cloud hosting.

Make the most of IT with secure cloud hosted applications.

Inter-Quest brings your applications to the cloud, giving you the ability to enable automatic software updates and access important applications wherever there's wireless. Stay competitive and scale your systems with cloud application hosting services.

Reasons you need cloud computing and application hosting.


Losing Documents and Info


Effective Collaboration

Missing something? It’s hard to keep up with everyday file exchanges, communications and collaborative projects. Our application hosting gives you one easy place to work.


Exposing Your Private Data


Securing Your Applications

One of the biggest risks to your business is exposing data. And moving apps to the cloud comes with its own challenges, so play it safe with secure application hosting.


No At-Home Network Access


Remote Access from Anywhere

Work from anywhere using cloud-based applications. Gaining access to your important files after hours and while on the road improves the flow of your daily operations.


Obsolete Applications


Automatic Software Updates

Are you running on old systems and apps? Get specific solutions to advance your business technology, such as the right productivity, collaboration and management tools.

VoIP Phone System

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The Inter-Quest Difference is Simple

Simplifying tech is what we do best. We love taking the time to explain the complexities of information technology to local Wisconsin businesses and organizations.  Contact Inter-Quest to strengthen your IT infrastructure.