Why you need technology business services for financial clients.

You need a robust solution to improve number crunching and day-to-day tasks. Due to compliance, the financial industry requires specific IT standards in order to protect your clients’ sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, passwords and identities.

Boost your systems efficiency with our financial IT support.

Inter-Quest understands how important it is to make clients happy. That is why we simplify the process by packaging everything you need with our IT for accountants and other financial professionals. Refine, monitor and maintain a functional technology system.

Find Out How

Reasons you need IT for accountants or financial IT support.


Big-Time Regulatory Fines


Compliance for Financial IT

Most financial services professionals require compliant IT. We install software and hardware that meets regulatory standards such as PCI, SOX and GDPR compliance guidelines.


Malicious Attacks and Tampering


Only Authorized Access

Protecting data is a necessity when you work in the financial industry. We help you monitor for unauthorized access and misuse that causes viruses, malware and the like.


Bugs and Vulnerabilities


Auditing and Patching Systems

Make the most of technology with lifecycle management. Our monitoring team continuously scans and audits your network as well as updates your system with the latest patches.


Technology Working Against You


Improve Your Daily Performance

Get IT that works with you, not against you. Your network forms the backbone of your internal communications and external exchanges, and we help boost systems performance.


The Inter-Quest Difference is Simple

Simplifying tech is what we do best. We love taking the time to explain the complexities of information technology to local Wisconsin businesses and organizations.  Contact Inter-Quest to strengthen your IT infrastructure.