How to put your IT on auto-pilot with business services technology.

Don’t stop to think about industry standards and regulations – comply and protect your clients’ sensitive information with the right IT solutions for your business. When it comes to security and guidelines, such as PCI or HIPAA compliance, there’s no room for hit or miss service.

Make technology unique and use IT to improve everyday business.

Inter-Quest has expertise in providing unique IT solutions that fit the needs of specific industries. If it's more storage, privacy or efficiency you demand, then we can deliver a technology solution that helps you achieve your end goals.

Simplify your tech with industry-specific solutions.


Specialty Tech for Your Industry Specs


Specialty Tech for Your Industry Specs


Fly High with a Complete Package Deal

You have no time to handle IT on your own – that’s why we give you everything you need. Gain an entire tech department with the help of our team. Our complete business IT services solve your technology problems and come at a fair monthly fee.

Over Watch partners

Avoid downtime and losing more to break-fix. Secure, manage and maintain your IT system with our Over-Watch service package – for now and for good. We provide an all-inclusive technology management solution that supports your total infrastructure.

  • Hand off IT tasks to experts
  • Monitor and update systems
  • Get rapid 24-hour support
Jet Dial partners

A seamless phone service for businesses of all sizes. Scale your infrastructure using voice over IP with our Jet-Dial service package – make calls via wifi. We help you save on long distance and integrate your communications through cloud hosting.

  • Get a wireless phone system
  • Budget for long distance calls
  • Host meetings anywhere
Over Watch partners

Your solution to digital signage. Reach your audience with commercial signs hosted by the cloud with StratuSign service package – design and host ads. We can produce designs and input the right specs on the backend for any type of digital messaging.

  • Keep digital signage up to date
  • Manage signs with scalable platform
  • Gain design and execution expertise

What Inter-Quest Can Do for You.


What Inter-Quest Can Do for You.


The Inter-Quest Difference is Simple

Simplifying tech is what we do best. We love taking the time to explain the complexities of information technology to local Wisconsin businesses and organizations.  Contact Inter-Quest to strengthen your IT infrastructure.