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Importance of Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance is a practice of making sure that your computer is in a good state of repair. The short-term goal of computer maintenance is to ensure the integrity of the information stored on the computer, and the long-term goal is to extend the life expectancy of your computer.

Remove temporary files.

You should remove temporary files from the computer since these files can bog down the performance of your machine. The computer will have to cipher through numerous pieces of information before it completes a command. Deleting temporary files will not only make your computer faster, but it will open up space for you to download applications and other software.

Antivirus and anti-spyware programs.

Make sure that you regularly schedule scans from your antivirus and anti-spyware programs. These programs will go through your files, detect any incredulous pieces of codes, and delete them. Antispyware is particularly important, as many creators of spyware have taken advantage of loopholes and system vulnerabilities. Software like Norton antivirus, emphasizes their dedication to protecting their users. Norton Virus Protection Promise even promises that if any viruses go through their multilayered defense system, that their support team will provide world-class support to eliminate it – even citing a money back guarantee if they cannot remove the virus.

Delete Unused Applications.

All applications pose a risk to your system. Most developers will be quick to patch vulnerabilities, while some will never do so because the company is bankrupt, they’ve gone out of business, or they aren’t cognizant on the many viruses on the internet. Mitigate these risks by routinely removing applications and software that you do not use anymore. Many unused programs can free up a lot of space on your hard drive. If your computer is new, there may be various trial programs that you may want to delete now.

Check the integrity of data by defragging.

Even after you’ve removed programs, files may be all over the hard drive and computer’s memory. Defragging will realign these files, allowing your computer to retrieve them more readily.

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